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Tips and Trick to Play Clash of Lords 2 on your Smartphone

This game is a strategy game for android created by IGG.COM (Developers Castle Clash). Gameplay was arguably similar to Castle Clash. Ie we have to build the village, village Raid opponent, Building Guild, Chat with friends, but a lot of things that made the difference with similar games. clash of lords 2 hack online


The most exciting is that we can attack / raid each time without waiting for the build troops. ordinary hero invited us to war at will without any limit time for hero we live. even if we die in war hero, he will live again with just wait a few seconds in our hometown. Please if you want to download in google play store.

Basics Game Clash of Lords II :

There we can build a village and hero.
there are some important things, including
1. Level, obtained by EXP times of war or build buildings
2. Gold, the main resources to build buildings
3. Soul, to upgrade mercenary hero
4. Ring, to upgrade skills or purchase herocard instant hero
5. Tropy, trophy we can win

In Game, Attacking There are 5 options:
We want to attack us will be faced with three options.
1. Dungeon
here is the campaign mode. we are faced with an enemy that is arranged and we will gain a level which is much faster here than in other modes.

2. Lords League
Here we are going to war with another player. but will have no gold at all. we will only get a trophy.

3. Resource Raid
As the name suggests, we focus on the raid or gold resource of our opponents. but we would be charged for each wanted to attack in this mode.
Picture :

There is also another option in attack, such as:
1. Arena
In the Arena, we can fight the hero and merchenary another player. If we win the battle, it will get the prize according to the level / rank in the Arena. The prize Gold, Souls, Gems, Rings, and Eggs (could epic / gold or coral / red).

2. Ancient Relic
To be able to use the Ancient Relic, we have to build it first Ancient Relic:

Actually, almost like Arena. It’s just that here we’re not against players, but against bots from IGG. Ancient relic in this we can buy spells that can be used in Ancient Relic, LL, Raid. Gifts that can be obtained as follows: 50 Gems (definitely can), Hero, shouls, Rings, Gold, exp card, and Gems. more

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