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The Sims 4 FreePlay Cheats

Hello, this time I will share some code cheat for the game The Sims 4 aka the latest version. First you need to press Ctrl + Shift + C to bring up the box that will be You content with the code to suit Your whims. Don’t forget to press Enter so that the code works. Freeplay Sims cheat:

1. testingcheats on:
There are some cheat occasionally will need this code to activate the code.

2. on/off: headlineeffects
code to display or hide the effects of info on your sims like plumbob (the green coat of arms on the sim that appears above the head of the sims), the name of the sim or plants, and a balloon dialog that contains a picture of what sim you are thinking at the time.

3. hovereffects off/on:
code to display or hide the white line on the sims or objects you select.

4. casclockspeed 0.1-?? :
the code to take a picture on your sims that are usually being posed on CAS pose.

5. cas. fulleditmode:
the code to display the edit all functions of CAS include personality, hobbies, nature, sex, and so on.

6. give_satisfaction_points x: sims.
the code to add the points of satisfaction on your sims can be used in reward store to buy new properties and cures, the content of x with the points you want, eg 2000 or 30000, all depending on Your whim.

7. points: remove_buff sims.
the code is written before you use the above code, which makes your sims adds 100 points of satisfaction.

8. help:
code to bring up all cheat command list in the dialog box.
9. fullscreen:
the code to change the screen on a game becomes full.

10. reset sim (first name) (last name):
code to reset your sims the Sims if error.

11. complete_current_milestone: aspirations.
the code to accomplish the level of aspiration that you are playing.
Information used to cheat here enough from me, let’s hope it is useful to make it easier for You to play the game the sims freeplay cheats

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