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The following tips Clans Clash of participants confidential tips not many known

You are not familiar with the game Clash of Clans who some time ago briefly played by smartphone users in fact this game is arguably the top exploded and several days of successive games and have also said the games of all time is itself a very simple appearances with characters that belongs to cute and funny and related to gaming Clans war strategy of war clans , war game between the village but today will not be a barrier for gamers to take the hearts player strategy game fans to be able to compete with your friends to to build a village of the most potent and not impregnable by the opponent

the story in the game Clash of Clans hack generator you will be asked to lead a city you will build with doing Gold and Elixir that can mine from that there are several ways to build an army and attacked another town by way of fulfilling the Quest city is not active could you’re happy when you’re being attacked do not fear when your resource is exhausted because of the more resourceful to eat besides attacked designate castle in accordance with to the Shield you you will be joined by other users that are being cool to fight with others

clash of clans hack generator

The following tips and tips on playing the Clash of Clan and how to keep them

Wait and save resource gems you
Here is anything but it’s good you use it the State is indeed very necessary because we can you to like buying gold elixer and some troops or speed up building

Attack only if it had more troops
You can directly attack any forces it accelerate getting resrouce don’t depend on you whether you want to play aggressive or faster but attack will more quickly get a prescription than there is build up you can use a manual or also attack with another clan

Build a good defense
Here there is all you need to consider when constructing defense games clash of clans
• the first and the most protected place in the elixir in the Middle
• make the main weapon and mortar put in to protect the central base
• use the Canon and the tower around the perimeter of the place
• must be a strong weapon in the middle of the city

Build alliansi in another city to strengthen clan
Still in another town if you already have a great city then it would be nice of you to join with other cities to benefit and also help from other cities with so You get stronger also gets easier to capture sound okay if there are tips and things that when you find on our website

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