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Hay Day Playing Tricks For Beginners on Android

Hay Day is a game similar to Harvest Moon which was formerly hot on PlayStation and now appear similar game on Android and IOS very hot by the name hayday. In this game we are required to take care of the fields and plant a variety of crops and plantations that will be sold for a profit.

Do not worry, this game can be installed free of charge through PlayStore. But the necessary items such as diamond paid and this game provides in app purchase to buy items with real money or credit cards. So instead of buying items using a lot of money and therefore I will give you tips and tricks for the game getting a lot of items in the game hayday with ease.

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Follow the tips below hayday play tricks if you are a big fan of this game:
1. Never Up Out SEED

Plants that you plant will produce double the yield when harvested. Examples as follows, each seed (seed) which you planted corn will produce 2 units on your silo respectively. Despite producing twice that never spend your seed, sisakanlah to spare. If you run out of seed, then you should buy a diamond with real money of course. If at any time you are a big field, you also automatically livestock must be fed regularly and you should have plenty of seed stock in the silo for your cattle.

2. The Slow Growing Plants Plant At Night.

Plant a plant of slow growth in the evenings example Indigo Plant and Pumpkin growing for hours. Plant these plants before you go to bed or it could be before school, before work so that when you wake up already to harvest. Even this trick also applies if you produce a product with the help of cattle for a long time process. Produksilah at night, because it takes a very long time.
3. Refuse If Visitor Buying Yield With Low Price

Often arriving visitor to buy crops at a bargain price is very cheap. Repel, they will not be upset and would go back again if you want to buy something. Selling a product that easily was the result of production such as eggs and others.

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