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Clash of Clans Multiplayer Tips: Base Layout

In this article, we are going to talk about Clash of Clans multiplayer tips. Since you are here, you might be an avid gamer of Clash of Clans. The game itself is about collecting resource and building base. The storyline of the game tells you that the base you are building is actually a village. Even though it only has town hall that representing the village, you will need to build strong base to protect your building, most importantly protecting the resources. The base on Clash of clans free gems is divided into three types. Here are the tips on how you can build each base type.

  1. Trophy base

In the clash of clans guide village, you will find numerous tips on how to build base layout of trophy base. As the name suggest, this type of base is focusing on how to protect your trophy. The more devastated your base, the more trophies you lose. The purpose of this base is to prevent raiders from getting three stars. Protect your town hall since destroyed town hall means one star. In other hand, this base type is completely ignoring your resources.

  1. Farming base

In these Clash of Clans multiplayer tips, we will also going to talk about farming base. The base is exclusively designed for those of you who want to get more resources and prevent raiders from stealing it from you. Since the base is focusing on protecting the resources, the layout ignores the trophy. Most farming base even put the town hall outside the wall. It gives the raiders an easy star, but they will leave your resources untouched.

  1. Hybrid base

The last type of base on Clash of Clans multiplayer tips is the hybrid base. The layout of this base is designed to protect both town hall and resources. You will need careful planning on what building you put on the outer wall and inner wall of your base.

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