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Tips Bathing Baby More fun

After playing, Little usually the most difficult if invited to cleanse the body. In fact, cleanliness is the main capital for him to stay healthy and active every day. Mother, take Little bath while playing together Zwitsal Kids, yuk!

Besides fun, bath time can also be used to increase the affinity between Mother and Little. Moreover, now Zwitsal Kids comes with fragrant more durable and more attractive packaging with BoBoiBoy presence, Little would have been more excited for a shower.


Here’s how things Mother do to make a shared bathroom Small One becomes more exciting:
1. Have Little Kids Zwitsal choose his favorite scent, there Zwitsal Kids Shampoo & Bubble Bath Active Blue with the aroma of fresh melon, Zwitsal Kids Shampoo & Bubble Bath Beauty Pink with strawberry aroma is sweet, and Zwitsal Kids Shampoo Natural Green with the natural aroma soft.

2.Bunda also can give variety to the story while bathing Little. For example, about the adventures of a shared bathroom BoBoiBoy or fight against the evil germs.

3. Provide toys waterproof child’s favorite in the bathtub. Foam while playing with his toys, he can play with his favorite BoBoiBoy bottle.

4. Invite Little play foam on his head. It would divert his concentration that he was more calm when bathing.

5. Design your bathroom with interesting! Not necessarily expensive, just provide wall sticker Little favorite characters.