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How to Make Farmers Modern and Professional

Supply of foodstuffs derived from agricultural products is very supportive of all activities of Indonesian society. With the availability of food, people can undergo all the activities well, work well, and the students can learn comfortably. The government can build peace without worrying having problems of food supply and price shocks.

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Similarly, agricultural strategic for a nation, hence the development of the agricultural sector is already time to start oriented towards the development of a modern agricultural system, both in terms of equipment and technology of knowledge sectors involved, without exception farmers. During the occupation of the Netherlands in Indonesia, Indonesia’s agricultural history had experienced dark days with their cultivation system or cultivation system applied by the Dutch government at the time.

For Indonesia, the colonial government policy is a very burdensome suffering. At that time, farmers were forced to plant at least 20 percent of their land for export crops such as coffee or crops.

But not for the Dutch. Policies being imposed on the people of Indonesia have turned out to have brought tremendous wealth for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The agricultural production policy cultivation system that was able to change the financial cash deficit was originally a Dutch national who became surplus.

With these historical facts, can actually drawn a lesson that Indonesia’s rich agricultural sector requires proper management so that the agricultural potential is able to transform Indonesia into a developed country.

Farmers as the agriculture Indonesia should soon metamorphosed into farmers modern and professional in order to process the natural wealth of agricultural resources to the maximum so that in the end able to compete with countries producing other farm,” said Bungaran Saragih, observer of agriculture is also a former Minister of Agriculture ,

Modern agriculture, described Bungaran, an agricultural system with an economical scale agricultural businesses, the use of the most advanced teknlogi, with modern organization, as well as related to the sectors of agribusiness. “So the concept is geared to the concept of agribusiness, agro-industries.

Not just on the pattern of agricultural cultivation, “said Bungaran. A number of neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia, are the countries that can be used as a reference regarding their agricultural development in a professional and modern.

sytem petani modern

Australia, for example, is a developed country based on agriculture. Some commodity export them among apples, oranges, wheat, strawberries, cattle, and sheep. The country’s agricultural development is built with very strong support for research and development in agriculture, including agricultural extension professionals.

Less Socialization

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Agus Nugroho Setiawan, assess the many parties that play a role in transforming agriculture, from traditional agriculture into modern agriculture. Of agriculture which only fished for survival annuals or short-term oriented to the pattern of market-oriented agriculture and long-term orientation.

“Our farmers are indeed most still regard agriculture merely planting. Point, “said Agus. Extension Agent has become an integral part in helping transform agriculture Indonesia for traditional farmers to modern farming. However, basically, Indonesia is not a shortage of agricultural extension.

According to him, on the ground that many agricultural extension not only from governments, but also from the private sector, including the education community. “The problem is the dissemination to farmers who are still very limited so farmers as if not educated about how farm management more modern and professional,” said Agus.

During this time, he said, many studies in the field of agriculture, including research conducted research centers, both private and higher education, which is only a stop on the report or in the journals, but minus implemented on the user, in this case farmers. “So that’s it, yes farm farmer farming him.

Though farming is only part of the farm system, “added Agus. Agus also reminded that the success of neighboring countries, such as Th ailand, in the development of the agricultural sector is the full support of the government, in this case the kingdom in policies taken.

“Political policy taken always favors the existence of farmers so that farming there forward. For example, the funding policy for farmers, construction of facilities and infrastructure.

Yet if we look at, most of the commodities they are derived from the seeds Indonesia, “said Agus. Bungaran agree with Agus. Transformation of agriculture into modern agriculture and professionals clearly need the support of government policy strategy. Not only short term, but also long-term strategy.

The main strategy for building a modern and professional farmers who one of them, according to Bungaran, is by strengthening the economy of farmers and improving the quality of human resources. Improving the quality of human resources required to enable them to be empowered and not be deceived by the market and the economic mafia.

According to Agus, the first step in strengthening the agricultural economy is a reorientation in approach to agricultural production which leads to the income of farmers. Being on improving the quality of human resources is to design strategies that can be targeted outreach to farmers, effective, and efficient